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John M Harvey, President and CEO

John has extensive experience in the Education, Commercial, and Healthcare furniture markets. He has worn many hats throughout his career—as a designer, dealer, manufacturer, and consultant—and has drawn on that wide range of experience to create the OI platform.

"Having delivered, installed, specified, and managed hundreds of projects and products, I have experienced all of the best and worse industry practices. I have incorporated many, if not all, of the process and management tools available in the market. OI is the only fully Web-integrated platform for managing your projects and facilities. Only with OI can the End User, Dealer, and Architect work with a common tool to accomplish their goals."
Thomas Smith, Chief Technical Officer

Thomas has extensive experience creating breakthrough process-automation in the Banking, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. He has spent 15 years creating revolutionary software for the web, desktop applications, and mobile applications—always on the cutting edge of current technology.
"When you are 'Powered By OI' - you become part of an extremely nimble process-automation and workflow-management environment in which your existing tools and technologies are embraced and complemented. True software and process integration is only achieved when we ask the fundamental question:

Would you like to build another silo or build bridges between them?"
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